DePaul University students, faculty, staff, and alumni may use the Writing Center.

You may create and use only one account to schedule appointments with the Writing Center.

When you set up your account, please use an email address you use and check regularly in order to receive emails about appointment confirmations or cancellations.

Duplicate accounts will be deleted.

If you forget your password, please do not create a new account. Instead, reset your password for your WCOnline account or contact the Writing Center for assistance.

You may not share an account with another writer. Appointments made for someone other than the account holder will be canceled.

Violations of these policies may result in suspension of your account or termination of Writing Center access.

Appointment Limits

You may schedule up to 2 hours of appointments per day and 3 hours of appointments per week. These limits apply to all appointments scheduled on your Writing Center account, regardless of campus location or appointment type.

You may request additional appointment hours beyond the limits stated above by completing this form. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that requests for additional hours are not granted during Finals Week of any quarter or anytime the Writing Center is closed.

Appointments may be scheduled for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours depending on the appointment type:

Appointment Length & Feedback

Regardless of appointment type, tutors provide feedback on:

If you bring in or submit an ePortfolio, a presentation (such as a PowerPoint or Prezi), or any multimodal project for feedback, your tutor will assess the amount of feedback they are able to provide within the scheduled appointment length.

You are encouraged to specify on your appointment form or in-person with your tutor any particular page(s), section(s), or aspect(s) of your paper or project that you would like your tutor to prioritize for feedback.

Missed Appointment Policies

It is important to cancel your appointment as soon as possible so that other writers may use that time.

Additionally, if you know you will be 10 or more minutes late to an appointment, please contact the Writing Center in order to avoid having a missed appointment or to reschedule if needed.

There is no penalty for canceling a face-to-face or online realtime appointment up to 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. There is no penalty for canceling a Written Feedback appointment by the scheduled start time.

Face-to-face or online realtime appointments that are not canceled are marked as missed 10 minutes after the start of the appointment if:

  • You haven’t arrived to your Face-to-Face OR
  • You haven’t logged in to meet your tutor in an Online Realtime appointment

Written feedback appointments that are not canceled are marked as missed if you haven’t uploaded a draft for a Written Feedback appointment by the scheduled start time.

If you accumulate three missed appointments during the course of a single quarter, your Writing Center account is automatically suspended, and you will only be able to use the Writing Center to access day-of appointments (if appointments are available on the schedule) either by walking in or calling in to one of our centers to request an appointment.

If your account has been suspended, you may request your account be reinstated once per quarter. Contact Writing Center Director Erin Herrmann at erin.herrmann@depaul.edu to make your request and confirm you understand the Missed Appointment policy.

If you accrue any additional missed appointments during the same quarter when your account was initially suspended, your account will be automatically suspended again. Your account will remain suspended for the duration of that quarter. In that case, you may still access day-of appointments at the Writing Center as described above.

All accounts are reset to zero missed appointments at the beginning of each quarter.

Appointment Letters

Writers will receive an appointment letter via email after every appointment so that you have a summary of your appointment as well as a reminder of possible next steps for your writing process.

The last 5–10 minutes of every appointment will be used to allow time for tutors to write appointment letters and transition between appointments.

When scheduling your appointment, you will also have the option to have a copy of your appointment report sent to your instructor or any third party you request. Reports will be sent only at a writer’s request. If you wish for a copy of your report to be sent to your instructor, advisor, or any third party, please include their name and email address in the respective “Instructor or Third Party” boxes when making your appointment.

Written Feedback Appointments

Appointment Auditing Notification

Your appointment and associated documents may be observed and reviewed for record-keeping, training, and quality-assurance purposes.