People often wonder about things. Frequently, when people wonder about things, they ask questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions by past and current UCWbL staff members (UCWbLers).

How do I join a team?

UCWbLers with one quarter of UCWbL work experience and who are personally and professionally interested in a team can apply to join as a part of the scheduling process. Prior experience or expertise in the content area of a given team is not always required, allowing UCWbLers to develop new skills and talents. Joining a team is a privilege, and members are selected based on performance in addition to individual interest. Priority will also be given to members requesting 15 or more hours.

What if I can't join a team?

Even if UCWbLers can't join a team in a particular quarter, there will still be opportunities to participate in team events and initiatives. Showing an active interest in a team goes a long way in securing an UCWbLer's spot on that team if they later decide to apply.

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