Information for Writers

A Writing Fellows appointment is different from meeting with a writing center tutor but the core beliefs of the program are still the same as the Writing Center. At the UCWbL, we believe that there is no universal writing process, and that anyone who writes anything is a writer. It is our hope that you will leave your appointment with new resources, tools, and strategies to help you express your ideas more clearly.

Writing Fellows appointments are distinct from regular writing center appointments because they meet and are in contact with your instructor throughout the course. The Cohort assigned to your class works with your instructor to set expectations for and gain a firm grasp on the assignments for your course. By regularly communicating with your instructor, Writing Fellows can be a better resource for you on your assignments.

Writing Fellows

Since the Writing Fellows program must be integrated within the course, you will be required to meet with a member of the Writing Fellows Cohort assigned to your class. Most Writing Fellow Cohorts do 2 rounds of feedback, with each round consisting of a Written Feedback and a Face-to-Face or Online RealTime appointment.

Although it is required, the Fellows are here to assist you in the way that will be most beneficial to your personal style. You are welcome and encouraged to come to these appointments with topics that you would like to work on, questions that you have, and specific goals that you would like to reach. Your Writing Fellows are there to help you make significant revisions and help you learn more about your personal writing process.

Signing Up for an Appointment

Before the due date of your first paper, a Writing Fellows Cohort will come to your class to introduce themselves. You will also sign up for your first synchronous appointment. The Writing Fellows cohort will have a certain amount of hours at specific times that they are available to meet with you.

If none of these times work for you, let the Writing Fellows cohort and your professor know during the class visit and they will work with you to find a time that you will be able to meet.


A “round” is the full cycle of feedback: one Face-to-Face/Online RealTime appointment and one written Feedback by Email appointment.

Most courses will have 2 rounds of Writing Fellows appointments, but some may have only one. If you only have one round, your Writing Fellows work will be done when you submit this paper. If your class has a second round of appointments, then this process will simply repeat itself, starting with the Writing Fellows coming back to your class to sign you up for another round of appointments.

Written Feedback

Depending on your instructor’s preference, the Written Feedback is returned to you before or after your synchronous appointment with your Writing Fellow. In order to receive Written Feedback, you are required to turn your draft in to your instructor through D2L (or another medium they have specified) by the due date. Your Writing Fellow will return your draft with carefully considered comments in the margins as well as a summary comment that you can review at your own pace.

Synchronous Appointments

The Synchronous appointment is when you meet in real time with your Writing Fellow.

When the Writing Fellow Cohort visits your class, they will assist you in signing up for an appointment with one of them. Take note of the time, the campus, and the Writing Fellow that you are meeting with as you will need to remember this appointment in order to receive credit for attendance (at your instructor’s discretion).

There are a couple of ways that it is possible to meet with a Writing Fellow. You can choose to complete your Synchronous appointment through a Face-to-Face appointment or an Online Realtime appointment.

Every course is different, and your instructor may have a different order or style than other professors. If you are currently enrolled in a class with Writing Fellows, please check your course syllabus for more information.

Typically, classes are broken up into two rounds (one for each assignment), with each round having two parts:

Written Feedback
  • You will submit your draft on D2L or another medium specified by your instructor.
  • A Writing Fellow assigned to your course will provide Written Feedback on your draft. The Writing Fellow will schedule this appointment based on their own availability.
  • The Writing Fellow will email you their feedback.
  • If this round is before your Face-to-Face/Online Realtime appointment, it might be beneficial for you to begin revising your paper before meeting with your Writing Fellow or come prepared with questions based on the feedback that you would like to ask your Writing Fellow about. Generally, the Writing Fellow that provided you with feedback will be the Writing Fellow that you meet with in person, though it may not be the same person between rounds.
Face-to-Face / Online Real Time
  • You will then meet with your Writing Fellow either in a Face-to-Face or Online Realtime appointment. This will be the time that you signed up for during the Writing Fellows’ class visit.
  • You will discuss your draft with your Writing Fellow, ask any questions you might have about the assignment or your feedback, and work on revising your draft.
  • Depending on the order that your professor has selected, these appointments might occur in either order. If your class has a second round of appointments, this process will simply repeat itself, starting with the Writing Fellows coming back to your class to schedule another round of appointments.
  • Every course is different, and one professor may have a different order or style than other professors. If you are currently enrolled in a class with Writing Fellows, check out your course syllabus for more information.

Your Writing Fellows cohort will go to your class to sign you up for an appointment. If you were not present on the day of the Writing Fellows visit, call the Writing Center at either campus or send us an email. Tell the receptionist that you want to schedule a Writing Fellows appointment and they will help you find a time that works for you.

Be prepared with the name of the professor and the class number so that the receptionist can find the Writing Fellows cohort assigned to your course.

If you know that you will no longer be able to make your appointment before it begins, or realize that you have missed your appointment, call the Writing Center at the appropriate location to let them know. Be sure to mention that you are a writer who is working with a Writing Fellow and the name of your instructor so that the receptionist will be able to help you in the most efficient way possible.

The receptionist will then work with you to find a new appointment that works with your schedule.