The 8th Annual Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit

Workshop in Progress


The Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit

Workshop in Progress

DePaul University’s Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit is an annual networking and community-building conference event for peer undergraduate and graduate student tutors, mentors, advisors and counselors, and their directors and supervisors, faculty, and professional staff, from all DePaul academic, professional, disciplined-based, cross-curricular, and student affairs offices, departments, and programs. The Summit brings together peer tutors and mentors from every program at DePaul. DePaul is the only university in the nation that recognizes, honors, and supports its peer tutors and mentors in this way.

The Summit is collaborative in every way

Each Summit is organized under a theme chosen by peer tutors and mentors. Peer tutors, mentors , and program directors from across the university deliver theme-based Round Robin conference mini-presentations exploring important topics, questions, and practices, and engage in networking, knowledge-sharing, and community-building. Our keynote speakers have included university leaders invested in sharing their experiences with impactful tutor and mentor relationships. The connections and alliances that are forged during this truly distinctive and significant conference have made the Summit one of the most popular and important events for peer tutors and mentors throughout DePaul.