How We Can Help

Writing Center Tutors are graduate and undergraduate students and professional staff members, from a variety of disciplines and with many areas of expertise. All Writing Center Tutors approach their work with you as fellow writers.

Writing Center Tutor and Writer Smiling

We Can Help You Get Started Writing

Writing Center Tutors are here to help you get started on your project. We can work with you to better understand an assignment, discuss your ideas, develop a topic, or draft a thesis.

We Can Help You Revise

If you already have a draft of your project, we can collaborate with you to identify what’s effective in your draft and what revisions might strengthen it. We can strengthen writing-related skills such as summarizing, paraphrasing, and citing sources.

We Can Help You Refine Mechanics

We can work with you on grammar, style, and other ways to make your writing clearer. Rather than proofread text, tutors can help you identify patterns of error and learn to avoid those errors in revisions & in future writing projects.

Dissertators and faculty members seeking out copyediting services may contact Katie Brown.

We Can Help You Write In Many Languages

We have tutors who can work with you on writing in languages other than English depending on the expertise of our current staff. Call or email the Writing Center for more information.