Policies and Expectations

Policies for Instructors

The Life Cycle of a Workshop

  1. An instructor requests a workshop at least 2 weeks before the desired date via the online request form.
  2. The instructor consults with the Workshops Coordinator to establish workshop learning outcomes & tentative agenda - at least a week before the workshop.
  3. The Workshops Coordinator collaborates with the Workshops Graduate Assistant and team members to develop materials & agenda to accomplish workshop learning outcomes.
  4. The Workshops Coordinator sends materials & agenda to the instructor for review & approval; the instructor is encouraged to offer feedback and make recommendations to better customize materials to suit their learning outcomes. If needed, revisions are made (at least 48 hours before the workshop).
  5. Workshops team members facilitate workshop.
  6. Workshop attendees are asked to complete post event surveys to provide the Workshops Team with feedback to continue to revise & improve.