The Writing Fellows Program

Writing Fellows Help
All Across DePaul

Writing Fellows work with classes across DePaul’s Colleges & Schools to provide writers with revision-oriented feedback on their writing.

Writing Fellows Help
Instructors Teach Writing

Working with Writing Fellows allows instructors to build paper revision into their syllabuses & get tangible support throughout the revision process.

Writing Fellows Provide
Writers With Feedback

Writing Fellows offer detailed, revision-oriented written feedback on writers' drafts, including both marginal comments and a summary comment.

Writing Fellows Help
Writers Make Revisions

Writing Fellows confer in real time with writers to help them make substantive and meaningful revisions on their drafts before handing them in for a final grade.

Writing Fellows

About The Writing Fellows Program

Writing Fellows support instructors in their efforts to make writing in their courses more authentic—more social and iterative. Writing Fellows make thoughtful and extensive comments on draft papers and confer one-on-one with writers in an effort to help them make significant revisions to their work.

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