Resources & Advice for Instructors

Writing is a central part of academic and professional work—both shaped by and shaping the knowledge and activities valued in specific fields or workplaces. Given it's centrality, writing plays a big role in our work as instructors and as members of our professional communities. As part of our founding mission, the University Center for Writing-based Learning (the UCWbL) devotes time and attention to helping instructors teach writing and use writing in their teaching. We also offer support to instructors who are engaged in writing or publishing their own work. We also teach courses for new peer writing tutors each autumn quarter.


The UCWbL offers support for teaching writing and incorporating writing into your classes.

We can consult with you one-on-one about assignment design, commenting on student writing, and grading writing. We can connect your students with writing fellows, in-class workshops, or Writing Center presentations.

Professor Teaching


The UCWbL offers support for instructors at DePaul when you are working on your own writing and publishing.

We can copy edit manuscripts, provide indexing services, or help you schedule regular appointments with a Writing Center Tutor. We can also help facilitate a faculty writing group.

Writing Desk


The UCWbL welcomes between 40 and 60 new undergraduate and graduate peer writing tutors to our staff each year, each of whom take a 4-credit training course.

We also provide our peer writing tutors with an detailed staff handbook and ongoing professional development.

Tutors in Training