The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing & Research


The CMWR provides events and programming to promote cross-cultural communication and the sharing of culture, language, and experiences.


We value and respect diversity by celebrating, exploring, and sharing culture, language, and ideas.


Join us to explore culture and language through conversations, games, arts and crafts, food, and fun.


The CMWR actively engages with scholarship through research and professional development related to writing, language, and culture.

Writing Center Tutors

About the CMWR

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR) is a branch of the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) at DePaul University. Through our events, programming, professional development, and research, our goal is to create a space for members of the university to come together and celebrate multilingualism and culture. We also seek to support and extend the UCWbL’s work with multilingual and second language writers.

Our Events

All of our events are open to anyone in the DePaul community (including alumni, faculty, and staff). Our events are informal and designed to bring different cultures, languages, and perspectives together to have conversation and fun. We talk about current events, do arts and crafts, play games, and have snacks. No need to register; just stop by and join in! Email us with any questions.

Global Voices

Every year, the CMWR publishes Global Voices, an online magazine that explores culture, language, education, and general life experiences through a broad range of genres. Our magazine seeks to showcase the work of DePaul’s multilingual and cultural communities. We accept a wide range of texts, audio, and visual works—in different languages. If you have something that you’ve written or produced and would like to share it, please send us your submissions and questions.


We offer interactive workshops on topics such as academic integrity, social media, and job applications. These workshops are designed for international students and multilingual students, but are open to anyone. Instructors can also request in-class workshops that are tailored to a specific course goal or aspect of writing/language within a course. Some in-class workshops have included microprose and academic integrity. Contact Mark Lazio for more information, to suggest a workshop topic, or to request an in-class workshop.

Writing Groups

We offer Writing Groups that focus on anything related to reading, writing, culture, and language. One or two CMWR team members will facilitate discussions and activities based on the work and goals of participants. These 60-90 minute meetings can be weekly or biweekly and have 3-10 participants. Contact Mark Lazio for more information or to set up a group.

Schedule a Conversation Partner Appointment

In addition to working with writers on texts, The Writing Center offers Conversation Partner appointments. These appointments can be 30 minutes or 1 hour, and you can use that time to explore and practice language however you’d like with a native speaker of English: have a conversation to practice speaking and listening, ask specific questions about language, or talk about different settings and how to have conversations within such contexts.

Schedule a Writing Center Appointment

Writing in a second language can be difficult. Whether that language is English or another language, we are here to help. The Writing Center offers tutoring on any type of writing at any stage of the writing process. Learn more about our different appointment types and information about locations and hours on the Writing Center page.