Information for Instructors

Are Writing Fellows Right for Your Course?

As you plan your courses, consider working with Writing Fellows, who work with classes all across DePaul's colleges and schools to coach students through the process of revising their writing. You are eligible to apply to work with a Writing Fellow if you:

The Fellows are equipped to tutor writing across DePaul’s departments and colleges. Fellows have worked with students in courses in physics, theater, chemistry, religious studies, Honors, computers and digital media, anthropology, political science, English, journalism, and sophomore seminar. Fellows have received resounding praise from faculty and students alike.

Writing Fellows Syllabus Boilerplate

Instructors whose courses have already been accepted into the Writing Fellows Program can download the Writing Fellows Program syllabus boilerplate. You are welcome to copy and paste this text directly into your syllabus or edit this text to include any course-specific requirements or participation information you'd like to add.