Mission & Team

Our Mission

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing & Research (CMWR) provides venues for members of DePaul's growing multilingual community to further their language skills through conversation, writing, and events. The CMWR reflects DePaul University’s mission to represent and celebrate the diverse intellectual potential of the University community. The CMWR defines the multilingual writing community as those individuals who write in more than one language as well as those who are invested in exploring linguistic diversity within the University. The CMWR invites any member of the multilingual writing community at DePaul to participate in a variety of cultural exchanges it sponsors. The CMWR believes that when diverse individuals, each bringing their own perspectives and experiences informed by their linguistic background(s), collaborate with one another—that collaboration can help to build on, develop, and shape multilingual theories and pedagogies. In both theory and practice, the CMWR helps the UCWbL to appreciate the dignity of each person by recognizing “the diversity of our community members.”

The CMWR Team

The CMWR is a group of peer-writing tutors from the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL). In addition to tutoring in The Writing Center, our team members value the perspectives that our multilingual and multicultural participants bring.